Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chilly Game Day

I love this picture!
Having fun!
Run Buddy!
Waiting on base.
Ready to hit the ball.

After a day in the 80's Saturday morning was a chilly day! At game time it was in the low 40's and super windy! That did not detour Baylor though he was ready to play. I was going to go to the game but after checking out the weather situation decided I should keep the little brothers home. Pop and Pappaw went to cheer on #3 and Daddy helped again during the game. Baylor had fun during the game which is the real reason for playing! He won the game ball and was super excited. He called me as soon as he got in the car to tell me and he was so EXCITED! He didn't want to put the ball down. I am so happy he is enjoying baseball this season.

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