Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Five Months Parker

You are 5 months!
You are quite happy about it.
I love your cute piggies.
Getting too big for the baby scale.
Not sure about accuracy but close.
Rolls suit you great!
This was you one year ago today. Daddy and I saw you for the first time and your little beating heart. I was so relieved to know things were okay and look at you today. We love you!

Parker today you are five months old. The days, weeks, and months seem to be slipping by so quickly! I truly cherish every moment with you. You are such a happy baby and smile all the time. You wake up cheerful and love to see your brothers in the morning. You coo and talk in the morning so much, I think you are telling us all about your dreams. You love to have your diaper changed and laugh when you are getting dressed. I think you have quite a few ticklish spots! Parker you are now wearing size 4 diapers and they fit you much better, but we still have several explosions a day. Some days you change clothes six times! Good thing you have plenty of choices in your closet:) You weigh between 22 and 23 pounds, it is getting hard to weigh you on the scale. You bounce all over and I am afraid you could fall! You are wearing several sizes of clothes 9, 12 or 18 months. Having two older brothers gives you lots of options. You love to play with your toys and are always trying to get them in your mouth. You like to chew on things and still love your thumb. You are drooling like crazy too. You like to bounce and jump in the jumperoo and exersaucer. You can really make them move! You roll both ways and can scoot for toys. You sit up great with support and love to look in mirrors, I don't blame you you are one handsome fellow! You think your brothers are the best and always smile and laugh for them. When you are fussing in the morning when I am getting ready Baylor will sing to you and you always stop and listen. They are so sweet to you and always try to make you happy. You love to be held and are such a great snuggler, sometimes too good of a snuggler when it comes to bedtime. You still wake up several times at night but you always go back to sleep quickly. You are still sleeping in our room but we are going to move you to your own room after vacation. You usually take a long morning and afternoon nap with a few catnaps here and there. You love to pull hair and when you are sleepy you like to put your fingers in my hair. You sure do have a tight grip. You get really made in your car seat when you are ready to get out and have quite a loud cry. It fits in well with your brothers who are also quite loud. Lately we have spent lots of time outside and you love the fresh air. I am sure you will love to be outside like your big brothers. Parker we are so thankful for you and love you so much! I thank God every day for you and how blessed we are to be your mommy and daddy.

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