Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baylor's Fan Club

Mimi and her pal.
Baylor loves Katie. We are so proud of her she got a job at Riley as a surgery nurse!
Mammaw and Pappaw came to cheer on Baylor.
Go Baylor!
Parker was such a good baby at the game.
Coop loved playing with Katie.
Pappaw took Coop to the snack bar. He didn't know it was there before and he sure is happy to know now!

His professional stance.

Baylor had quite a fan club that came to his came. He was so excited to have everyone there to cheer him on. Mimi, Mammaw, Pappaw, and Katie Collier came along with his brothers and mommy and daddy. He did a great job and had some great hits. His team is so cute and they really do a great job. Thanks everyone for coming to cheer on our little baseball player! We think he is doing great!

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