Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take Me Out..

to the BALLGAME!
Run Buddy!
When you're the little brother baseball games are all about the concession stand and rocks.
I love this picture!
So serious and focused.

Parker was happy to be there today.
What a handsome player.

I love when he stands like this.
My favorite baseball player.
Good hit!
Getting ready.
Good Job Daddy!
Rounding the bases.
After the game, Coop made his way to the dug out.

Baylor had another game on Saturday. He was excited to play and couldn't wait for the game. He has wanted to practice lots this week. Thankfully it was a beautiful morning and bright and sunny during the game. Pop got a new lense for his camera that takes great pictures at the game. He took over 200 pictures during a one hour game! Baylor had lots of people there to cheer him on, Mommy, Cooper, Parker, Mimi, Pop, Pappaw, Aunt Anne, Neal, Cody, and Katie. It started to sprinkle as we pulled out of the parking lot. Baylor did great but most importantly he had fun and wanted to play baseball in the yard when we got home. Baylor, Cooper, and Daddy all threw balls in the yard in between the rain. Cooper used Daddy's little mitt from when he was a little boy. So cute! Parker and I cheered on the big boys.

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