Friday, May 7, 2010

Baylor's Preschool Graduation

Baylor and his great teachers!
He made so many great friends at preschool. Will and Baylor have fun together.
Baylor loves Mama.
Our family. We are all so proud of you Baylor.
Mimi and Pop love Baylor so!
Baylor was happy Mama and Papa came.
Baylor with Mammaw and Pappaw. He loves them too!
Baylor and Grandpa. Grandpa was one of the veterans honored during the program and his picture was in the slide show.
Getting his diploma.
Singing stars.
Getting ready.
So serious and focused.
The leader of the pack.
Grandpa held Parker before the program.

Baylor's preschool program was tonight. The theme was "Proud to be an American". The kids made cute red, white, and blue shirts with stars at school and sang lots of patriotic songs. Baylor was so excited and so proud. He couldn't wait for us to hear him sing at school. Baylor led his class out and up on the risers. I had tears in my eyes as soon as the program started. I really can't believe my baby is already a preschool graduate! When I think back over the past three years I can't help but smile at all he has learned and accomplished. When he started preschool he was just mastering potty training and still had his beloved deedee. Now he is a handsome young man who loves to draw, write and talks a mile a minute. He enjoys trying new things and does not know a stranger. Baylor is outgoing and energetic and has such a contagious laugh and quick wit. He can be a little sassy at times too, but also says the funniest things. He has gotten so much taller and looks so much older than when he first started preschool. He has loved preschool and all the fun times. Baylor we are so proud of you and love you so much! We hope you continue to love school and enjoy learning! Way to go preschool graduate!

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