Friday, May 14, 2010

Walking City Tour

The stroller brigade on our walking tour.
We walked all around the monument.
Baylor had his backpack full of treasures.
Parker was worn out from all the fresh air.
Jenny and BMan in the church. We are going to go back there for an organ concert one Friday.
Mimi and Baylor outside of the Federal Court House.
My big boy!
Ethan loved eating at Buca, ha!
Baylor helped push Mr. Ethan. He loves him so much!
We have wanted to go on a walking tour of Indy and check out some of the sites and monuments around town. This week we went on part 1 of our city tour. Jenny and Ethan met us and we headed to TJ Maxx first, shopping is a key part to city life:) We ate lunch at Buca and were quite busy at the table. We are quite a group with four little boys, but we had a great lunch and everyone ate lots. We walked around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and went in Christ Church Cathedral. We then looked around the Federal Court House which used to be the Post Office and went in a park. The boys loved walking around and seeing new things. We are going to continue our city tours throughout the summer.

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