Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bible Study Family Cookout

What a great group of girls.
He had fun playing with all the kids.
Grant hit the ball really far. Baylor had fun batting with Grant and Gran'ts dad.

Maddy was sharing her end of the year school book with Nicole.
Jack and his Daddy.
Eli is so cute, I could just eat him up.
Austin helped hold Parker while I got the boys in their suits.
Water fun.
Eli had fun playing too. He will be walking before long.

"Uncle" Carl held Parker while I got the boys food.
What happened Drew?
The water was a big hit.
Coop, Baylor, Andy, and Brian.
Nolan likes to take it all in.
Coop was swinging with Carl.
The boys didn't have much interest in food, too much playing to do. Cooper did take a plate in the car and ate on the way home.
Eli and Jack going for a ride.

They have a great swingset.
This spring I have had the privilege to be in a bible study with such a great group of friends. We have been doing Beth Moore's Psalms of Ascent. Each Wednesday we meet at Sarah Beck's house for discussion time and to watch the video on the next week. I have really enjoyed the fellowship and the study. Tonight we had an all family cookout and had such a great time. I was hesitant to go by myself since Tom is out of town but am so glad I went. The boys had a wonderful time and really did great. Between us all there were 15 kids, 14 boys and precious Maddy. Sarah lives in a beautiful old farm house and has such beautiful property and a great place for kids to play. They all had a wonderful time playing outside with the toys, swingset, and sprinkler. It really felt like a summer night and was so much fun. I am so thankful for this great group of friends! In July we are going to be starting Breaking Free by Beth Moore and I am so excited.

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