Friday, May 28, 2010

We Love You Uncle Joe!

Coop loves Uncle Joe.
Parker's happy to see his uncle.
Baylor has loved spending the night with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe while Daddy was out of town.
Coop reading to make Mimi happy.
Uncle Joe came over to see the boys tonight and love on them before he left for Santa Fe. Pop and Joe were driving all the way there and were leaving really early Saturday morning. The boys kept hugging him over and over again. Mimi was crying and Coop kept trying to make her happy. He said I know what will make you happy, I will read you a book. He was so sweet. We have loved having Joe home and will miss him so much. We are so excited for him and all the opportunities that await him this summer. When Joe was walking down the driveway with Mimi Baylor ran out to say Love You one more time and then ran inside crying. He laid in our bed for a long time with big tears. I felt so bad for him! He really does love his Uncle Joe and misses him when he is gone.

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