Friday, May 7, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Coop loved the baby goat. He was very worried about the coyotes getting this cutie.
Ethan's first pony ride!

Mimi kept Parker back in the shade. He had to change because of an explosion!
What a big boy holding the chicks.
Coop loves Jenny!
Can you tell they were hot?
Helping in the garden.
Miss Mary is such a great teacher! She was telling the kids all the flower names and they listen to every word she says.
We used lots of glitter for our Mother's Day craft which was a big hit.
Dancing around the May pole.
Baylor and Mimi before class.
Having a little snack.
I seriously could eat him up!
He's a happy baby!

We picked Baylor up at preschool and headed to Conner Prairie for a class. It was a sunny day and so warm outside. The boys were excited to go and see all the animals. We met Jenny and Ethan there and were excited for a fun day. I took the boys to class and Jenny and Ethan walked around the prairie with Mimi and Parker. The class was all about gardening and plants. Miss Mary read the kids a book and they made two cute crafts. We also danced around a May pole and sang some songs. After snack we headed outside to check out several gardens around the prairie. Baylor wanted to stay right by Miss Mary so he could check it all out. They loved helping put the dirt in the wheelbarrow and smelling all the different plants. We found Mimi and Jenny outside and they went around with us. After class we all ate lunch and then went to the barn. The boys were excited to show Ethan all the animals. We were the only people in the barn and had all the animals to ourselves. Baylor and Cooper loved holding the baby chicks! Mr. Ethan looked like such a big boy riding on the play pony, he is so cute. It was a great day!

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