Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Hitter

Can you tell Coop was happy about this picture?
Coop joined the team in the dugout for the talk after the game.

We played the Braves and one of Baylor's preschool friends was on this team.
Go Daddy!
Coop is happy with all the rocks.
Hi sweet baby!

We had another game tonight to makeup for Saturday's cancellation. Baylor was excited to play again. He kept on asking who was coming tonight and I told his little brothers who think he is great. He said he is going to teach them all about baseball too! He had two really good hits tonight and had fun playing. The whole team is so fun to watch! They are all so cute in their uniforms. Daddy always helps catch and out in the field and I know Baylor really loves this. I was quite busy watching Coop and Park by myself but they did great. Coop would run back and forth to the flag pole and I would time him and this kept him busy for a long time. Parker helped cheer on his big brother!

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