Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking Good

Underwear model?
Parker was busy bouncing.
What a great driver!

He watches his big brothers all the time when they are riding around.
Sporting a bike helmet on the tractor.
He was giggling.
Lunch outside!
We had a busy day at home today. I seriously have been trying to clean out the boys closets for over a week but it is hard to get anything done! I seem to get started and then someone needs help with something or is crying. Baylor was such a big help and helped me sort and hang up summer clothes in Cooper's room. While we worked Cooper was looking good in his big boy underwear! He was so proud, but we were not very successful today. He sat on the potty a million times but ended up with three different pairs of underwear because of accidents. This afternoon we played outside and ended up putting a diaper on. I definitely think he is going to be harder than BMan. We had such a great time outside! The boys are so happy to be outside. Tonight we played outside again after dinner and had several visitors. First Pappaw and Aunt Patty came to bring a grandfather clock that they picked up that is Tom's. Then Mimi and Mama came over to see the boys. The day sure did fly by! We are looking forward to a very busy weekend!

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