Thursday, May 13, 2010


He likes to sort his by color and shape and then count and recount them over and over.
He just likes to wear them.
When I was teaching I was in the loop on all the new "crazes" for kids. It is always funny that things that become popular and you would never have imagined. At Addi's birthday, happy 5th birthday Addison, his Mimi passed out bendy shape bracelets. Baylor was so excited and loved his blue turtle bracelet. I know it is hard to imagine but his bracelet got broken by his little brother and he was so upset. All week Mimi, Daddy, and I were on the hunt for more bracelets. Tom drove to three Walgreen's on his way home from work Monday, Mimi and I went to several, and we finally found them at a Gas America. To say Baylor was excited was an understatement. Both boys have a baggie of bracelets. I will say Baylor has accumulated a few more because when Coop drops one it always end up in Baylor's pile:) Who knows how long these little bracelets will be a hit!


Deniece Carmean said...

That is so funny. I'm glad he liked them. Have you seen the Princess ones?

Deniece Carmean said...

that is so funny. I'm glad he likes them. Have you seen the Princess ones? I got a high heel today. Ha! Never to old I guess.