Monday, May 17, 2010

Play Date

Baylor, Maddy, and Grant
Parker had lots to look at.
Our attempt at getting 11 kids 5 and under in one picture:)
Impossible to get everyone to look!
Eli was crawling all over Baylor. Baylor loves him! We can't wait for Florida with Mr. Eli.
Coop is pretty happy with Maddy, he thinks she is beautiful.

Doing work in Baylor's desk.
Jack is getting so big!
Baylor loved having Grant over.
Maddy hanging out on Bolt.
Andy and Brian watched a little Dora.
Eli played house with Coop.
Nolan having a little lunch.
Handsome boys.

Over the past few weeks I have been enjoying Beth Moore's Psalms of Ascent with a great group of girls. We have enjoyed the study and each other so much. We only have two weeks left and are thankfully going to do Breaking Free together later this summer. Today some of the moms and their cute kids came over for lunch and a playdate. We missed two of our mommas who had to work, but hope they can join us next time. There were five fun moms and eleven great kids at our house. It was noisy but quite fun. The kids had a great time with each other and really played well together. Our original plan was to play outside, but the pouring down rain halted those plans. Coop kept asking if his friends could come outside and I kept going over the rain situation. He sure is one determined two year old. I love this group of girls and think it is a great group of kiddos!

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