Saturday, May 22, 2010

Uncle Joe is Home!

Parker was quite happy to see Uncle Joe.
Baseball fun!
Golf cart rides are oh so fun.
Pop and his pal.
The boys love to eat outside.
Uncle Joe brought the boys a Buzz lunchbox filled with candy. Coop would not put it down and even wanted to sleep with it, candy lover:)
I am so proud of Joe!
Tom was happy to see Joe too!
All feels right when he is home with us.

Joe finished his first year of graduate school last week and then spent a week with Megan in Pennsylvania. He drove home Saturday morning and we all couldn't wait to see him. He is only home for a week so we are cherishing the time with him. We grilled out at our house and then played outside. The boys were so excited to see him and had so much to tell him. They are crazy about their Uncle Joe. We all miss him so when he is gone! Baylor and Uncle Joe played baseball in the backyard and we all went on several golf cart rides. It was a beautiful night outside and so nice to have our JOE JOE back home again!

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