Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Adventures

Handsome Hurst boys before church.

Coop being brave with Daddy.
Watching the show.

He's not too sure of the float.
Ready for fun.
He's off.
Happier when he's held.
He was so excited.
What a fun treat to do with just Daddy.
He told me all about the fun when he got home.
What a busy Sunday we had! We had a jam packed day of fun. The day started out with church and breakfast at Cafe 52. Mimi went with us to breakfast since Pop was still gone. After breakfast we came home and changed and then went to a horse show. The farm where Baylor takes horse back riding lessons hosts a horse show for the students. Mimi watched Parker and the big boys went to the farm. They liked watching the kids in the show and seeing all the horses and ponies. We were able to spend time in the barn and visit all the horses.
Baylor's teacher was there and got Louis out for us to see and visit. After the horse show we picked up Parker and headed to Mama and Papa's pool. It was another HOT day and it felt so nice to be in the water. The boys love to swim and had so much fun with Tom. This was Parker's first time in the water and I am not sure he was a huge fan yet. He liked it better when I held him in the water. He did leave his hat on which was a bonus. After swimming we came home for a nap which everyone was happy about. At night Daddy and Baylor went to Crash-a-rama at the Speedrome. It was a surprise for Baylor and he loved it. They raced and crashed campers, buses, boats, trailers, etc. They had a great time together and really enjoyed the night. Cooper, Parker, and I went to Mimi's house for dinner and then Coop played in the sprinkler at her house. He loves the sprinkler and he enjoyed time alone and being the center of attention. It was a great day filled with fun.

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