Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoo Day with Uncle Joe

All aboard!
Baylor rode the tiger and Cooper rode a rhino.
Uncle Joe and his nephews taking a drink and shade break.
Parker and Mommy.

We all had fun at the zoo.
Baylor loved the penguins.
Waiting to pet the sharks.
His first zoo trip.
This morning Joe and I headed to the zoo with the boys. We got there right after it opened which was a great things since it was such a hot day. It wasn't very crowded and we were able to see lots in the three hours we were there. Joe had not been since the new oceans exhibit opened so the boys were able to show him around. Both boys were able to touch the sharks several times today. I am always afraid Coop will reach in to far and fall in but he did great. When I was teaching they told us they have kids on field trips fall in every day, oh no. We all loved the dolphin show, it was great. Coop kept laughing and was quite amazed. I think Cooper's favorite part was the monkeys again and he wanted to watch forever. We also stayed at the elephants for a long time and watched them play in the water. Parker did great and we kept him in the shade. Uncle Joe took the boys on the train and the carousel before we left and we got ice cream on our way out. After the zoo we met Mimi for lunch at El Jaripeo. It was a great day!

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