Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Early Trick or Treating

We did some early trick or treating.  After preschool one day I took the little boys to visit Grandpa.  Parker was Peter Pan and Sawyer was Mr. Smee.  

This Mr. Smee costume was the last thing my Grandma sewed for us before she died.  I'm so happy Sawyer was able to wear it too.  

Grandpa and Sawyer.

Mama was in the hospital so we trick or treated from the hallway.  Kids couldn't go in the room.

Pop held Park so he could wave.

We got to have lunch with Pop.

The next day we went to see Papa.

The little boys with Papa.

Mr. Smee and Papa.

Jen met us there and Pooh and Tigger visited too.
We stopped and picked up McDonald's and then we went to play at church in the play land.

We were the only ones there and they had a blast.


Sawyer thought he was a big deal.

Two cute 1 year olds.

Love them.

He was a fan of the orange tunnels.

Love these boys!

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