Thursday, October 24, 2013

Feast with the Witches

Today was conference day at school so the big boys were out for the day.  I had early morning conferences for Baylor and Cooper and then we headed to the Children's Museum for the Friendly Feast with the Witches.
This is the best group shot of the day.

Superman or a witch?

Coop the turtle working on a craft.  We had a spooky lunch and the kids made a craft and got their faces/hands painted.

After lunch we headed to the theatre for a show.

Coop dancing.
Then it was time to head to the Haunted House.

Thankfully it was lights on!
Nemo rode in the stroller.  He liked the haunted house.
The theme was Time Warp for the 50th anniversary of the haunted house at the museum.

They had fun and the haunted house was really neat.

The Star Wars room was a favorite.

Mimi and Sawyer with Chewy.

Baylor and a Storm Trooper.


Looking good BMan.

We had a fun day!

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