Sunday, July 14, 2013

All Stars

Since we have been home from vacation Baylor has been busy with All Stars.  He had practice and played in the Cal Ripken State Tournament.  Coop loves going to the games.
B up at bat.
Go Dragons!
We spent all day on Saturday at the games cheering on #43.
Love him.
Playing catcher.
All lined up.
Loving baseball at an early age.
The team won two games on Saturday and then went on to play on Sunday.

The team did great and had fun.
Go Team!
On Sunday's game Baylor had a home run.
He loves playing catcher.
He's had a great year of baseball.
He has a great attitude and always cheers on his team.
I love to watch him.
Ready to run.
Good game!
Go Baylor!
8U All Star Team.

Love him.
Mimi and Pop braved the heat to cheer on our little slugger. 
We are so proud of you Baylor!

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