Friday, July 26, 2013

Pool Day with Friends

After football practice last night Baylor went to Mimi's house to spend the night.  They worked on making cupcakes for the bike parade party.  They baked at night and then decorated them in the morning.  He was so proud to show me when I picked him up.  They even made cute bike toppers.
It was a beautiful day and perfect weather to swim.  We met the Potter family at the pool and spent the day swimming.
Drew was relaxing.
Park having fun.
Baylor and Maddy have fun together.  So happy they are in the same class this year.
He's a goofball.
Baylor and Maddy having fun.
Having a push pop break.
We all love summer!
Baylor also made a cake and we shared it at the pool.  It was a two tier cake and it was a hit.
Cutie Pie!
Jack is so sweet with Sawyer.
He loves swimming.  It was a fun day with our friends.

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