Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ortho, Big Helper and Monsters University

Today was the day Baylor has worried about since we first went to the ortho last week.  He had an early morning appointment to have his expander put in.  He was so worried.  I wasn't feeling well and thankfully Tom was able to take Baylor to the appointment.  I think it worked out better because Tom really helped ease his fears.
Baylor has such a sweet tender heart and worried about others.  He knew I wasn't feeling well and he got right to work when he got home.
He fed Sawyer breakfast all on his own.
Then he cleaned the floor and loaded the dishwasher.
He also started folding the laundry.
After lunch I was feeling better so we headed to see Monsters University and Mimi stayed with Saw.  
The movie was so cute!

Parker loved the movie and the treats.
It was a great movie!

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