Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Indianapolis Zoo

Today we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Our first stop was the Butterfly Gardens.

The butterflies were so big and pretty.
They kept landing on Baylor.  I think he stayed the most still.
The gardens are so pretty.  
We headed to the Oceans next.  We always spend lots of time watching the penguins.

Coop loves watching them swim.
He's my little monkey.
He's a monkey too!
I'm crazy about this dude.  Age 3 is exhausting but I love him so!
They are best pals.  
More monkeys, they were fighting and the boys thought it was so funny.
Happy baby!
Racing a cheetah!
Baylor's turn.
Love my time with him.

We watched the elephants for a long time.
Ready to ride the roller coaster.
Hold on!
Train ride pals.
It was a great zoo day!

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