Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eli and Kate's Pool Party

Sawyer had fun playing in the play land today at church.  The crazy Indiana weather made us break out a sweater this morning.
After church we headed to Eli and Kate's pool party birthday.
They started the party with a huge parachute.
The kids had the best time!
Such cuties.
I can't believe Miss Kate is already 2!  She is such a doll, we love her!
Park loved all the toys.  
Eli and Kate had the cutest pool themed cakes.  They were so tasty too!
Fun touches!
Park loved the diving board.
The water was so warm!
The kids had a blast!
All of the kids got a noodle with a squirt gun tied to it for their favor.  So cute!
Eli is so cute!  A big four year old!

Such a pretty day!
He had fun watching and then was kicking in the water too.
Park spent so much time jumping off the diving board.
Hi Coop!

A three person tower with Chad.
Happy Birthday Eli and Kate!
We love you and had a great time celebrating with you.

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