Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to School Bike Parade

Tonight we hosted a back to school bike parade at our house.  All of the kids brought an item with wheels decorated for the parade.  We had bikes, scooters, trikes, wagons, big wheels, and strollers.  It was so fun to see them all.  We started the party with pizza and got fueled for the big parade.  Since our last bike parade lots of kids have been added and it was a big group!  They were all so cute and excited for the parade.  Mimi and Pop sat by the stop sign and cheered and waved in the golf cart.  After the parade we headed back home for crab races.  We had four heats and then a race with the winners.  The kids loved it and were cheering like crazy!  Then it was time for dessert.  We had cupcakes and different ice cream treats.  All of the kids got to pick one or more crabs to take home for pets.  They were a hit.  It was such a fun night with great friends.  At the end of the night Coop said thanks mom, that was the best party ever.  Made it all worth it for sure!

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