Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Time Rush

On Friday night Tom and I had a special date night with the big boys.  We took them to see Big Time Rush.
I had bought a Groupon earlier in the summer and it was a perfect night for an outdoor concert.

Coop saw Bailey at the concert.  He was acting shy:).

Our big boys.

The Purcell family went too and brought Drew with them.  We all had fun together.

The boys watching together.

Love these boys!
They had fun singing and dancing!

It was a fun night with Andrea.  Love spending time with my friends!

Coop had the best time!  After the concert he said thanks for taking us it was awesome!

Love that this boy still wants to sit on his Daddy's shoulders.  He's crazy about his Dad.  We had a fun night together!  We were so thankful for Mimi who watched the little boys so we could enjoy a special night with the big boys!

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