Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Visit to the Orchard with Ethan and Gabrielle

This morning was picture day for the big boys.

Baylor said, Mom every day is picture day with you.

That morning we met Jen and the kids at the orchard to pick apples and play.

These boys were busy picking just the right apples.

Gabrielle was busy taste testing.

Cute boys.

Sweetie with her baby.

Ethan's bag.
Where's Parker?

Sawyer hanging in the shade, it was a hot day!

He was happy to have an apple too.

Park filled his bag to the top.
Cute cousins.
After apple picking we got apple slushies and then headed to the playground to play.

Loving the apple slush.

Swinging.  I love his baby feet and chunky legs hanging out the swing.
Then we headed to Southeastway Park to play some more.

Lots of open space and shade for boys to run free.

And a cool spot to nap in the shade.

She is brave!


We took a walk in the woods to look for pirates and the Tick Tock Croc.

Fun times!

Our final stop was Frosty Boy for lunch before heading home for naps.  Love spending time with my cousin and her cuties!

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