Friday, August 16, 2013

Sawyer's First Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

During the day we took Sawyer to Chuck E. Cheese for his big birthday.  We met Pop and Daddy too.
I thought he would love the rides because all of the other boys did at this age and he was not a fan.

After this I couldn't get him back on.
He was shaking and was not too sure.
Then he started crying and wanted held.
Pop and Sawyer.

Park thought it was great he got all of the tokens.
Riding the fire truck with Daddy.
Love him so!

Having some pizza!
Dancing with Pop for free tickets.

Chuck E. Cheese came to say Happy Birthday.
Present time.
New toys from Mimi and Pop.
Reading his new book.
Park loves the rides.

Riding with Mommy.
Park and Daddy!

Happy Birthday!

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