Friday, August 16, 2013

Sawyer is 1!

Today our baby turns 1!  What a fun and exciting year, I have loved every moment with this sweet boy.  When we first found out we were expecting we were shocked and a little overwhelmed but we could not imagine our lives without this precious baby boy!  He is a perfect fit for our family and a great caboose!

This is such a fun age and Sawyer is such a joy.  He is a very happy baby.  He loves his brothers and watching what they do, he thinks they are all pretty funny.  He also loves Bax, they have a special connection:).  I think it all has to do with food dropped at the high chair.  Sawyer is a Mommy's boy but loves his Daddy too!  He loves to play peek a boo, wave, dance and blow kisses.  He says Hi, Bye Bye (in a great southern accent), Mama, Dada, and a word that sounds like baby.  When we play peek a boo I swear he says There he Is.

He loves music and claps as soon as it comes on.  He started to sing or squeal loudly which has made his church service time dwindle.  He is crawling all over and standing up with the help of toys, tables and furniture.  He will cruise around the table with small steps.  He hasn't let go though.  I will say he is a little timid and unsure sometimes.  I'm sure that won't last long with this group.

Sawyer is wearing size 5 diapers and 18 and 24 months in clothes.  He's a big boy but seems to be thinning out since he started moving.  He is pretty much non stop all day.  He mostly takes two naps a day but the school schedule has changed his napping and he isn't getting as long of an afternoon nap which makes him more sleepy in the afternoon.  

He is a good eater and will eat almost anything.  He is still eating baby food but eating more and more table food everyday.  He loves tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and green beans.  He loves making a mess too.

He loves playing with his toys and reading or eating his books.  His favorite outside activity is his swing.  He gets so excited when we even get close to the swing set.  He likes to be in his stroller outside too and watch his brothers.  

He is rarely fussy or upset but I think he may have a little temper too.  If he wants something he lets you know.

We are so crazy about you Mister!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!!!

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