Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Fun

This morning we headed to church.  

I love getting group pictures before church.

I'm not sure they feel the same way:).

After church we ate lunch and then headed to the pool to swim.  It was a hot day and perfect for the pool.

We took Bax with us, I'm not sure he was a fan of the pool.  He was a good boy at their house though!

The big boys were happy to be at the pool.  Since school started we they hadn't been able to swim.

Mama and Papa both came outside while we swam.

The boys loved having Tom with us at the pool.

Water bug.

Bax and Coop sunning.

Daddy and Saw.

This is the main reason they prefer to go the the pool with Tom,.
He is way better at throwing them.

Baylor is getting heavy!
Go Park!

Daddy was worn out by the end.

Time for a popsicle.

Mama and Park hanging out with their popsicles.

Papa and Baylor.

Mama always has such pretty flowers.  I love when these Hibiscus flowers are blooming, they are just gorgeous.

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