Friday, August 9, 2013

Cow Encounters

Another pretty day perfect to spend time outside.  We started in the balloon exhibit.  He had a great time.

Hi Sweet Boy!

Then we headed to class which was all about cows.  They made cute cow puppets and then used them to sing.

He was proud.

They also got to help make butter.

And we made ice cream too!  They all got to take turns giving the bag a big shake.

Miss Mary had a fun experiment for the kids using milk and food coloring.  It made fireworks.

They were all watching closely.

Then they got to "milk" the cow at the milking station.

He is so funny, he calls udders gutters.

Squeezing out every last bit.

The tongue out means he is working exd

They got to eat the butter they made on a cracker and have the ice cream for a snack.

Then we headed outside to visit some of the cows.  This cow was only a few weeks old.

So sweet.

He loved visiting the cows.

Then we headed to the barn to see more animals.

We love the barn.

Brushing the cow.

Another fun day for sure!

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