Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Preschool Back to School Night

Park was excited to go to back to school night at preschool.  It was a night all about him.  I was able to take him and spend the night with him.  

There were several stations to rotate through this year.
He loved playing with the magnetic pieces, blocks, and puzzles.

Such a big boy.  He was excited to see all of his teachers again.

After finishing inside we headed out the the playground at school.

He said this was the best part!

My cutie boy!

Then we had a dinner date together.  I let him pick where we went, he picked DQ.
I think he was all about the ice cream.

He loves onion rings.  He said these look like spectacles.  He has a great vocabulary for a three year old.  

After finishing his hot dog and onion rings he ended with a Dilly Bar.  
I loved having this time with Park.  We are so excited for him this year and are excited to watch him grown and learn!
We love you Parker Thomas!

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