Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

After church we went to lunch at Champp's downtown with Mimi and Pop.  Then we walked to Red's Barber so Tom and all three big boys could get haircuts.  It was time!

He did great and sat perfectly still.  The highlight is picking out a bottled drink when you are done.
Looking good!
The boys were so well behaved and everyone in the barber shop commented on how good they were!
It was a beautiful day.
When we left Daddy sat all the boys down and told them how proud he was of them.  They have such a great Daddy!  Then it was time to hurry home to get changed for baseball.  Baylor had a scrimmage for his Blaze team.
While Baylor and Daddy went to baseball I played outside with the other three boys.  It was Sawyer's first time to sit in the grass.  He wasn't too sure.
All the fresh air and sunshine wears a brother out!
We love playing outside!  It's so good for all of us.  Baylor had a great game too and had two triples.  He wore his contacts even and did great!  After the game we had Bible Study at our house.  Daddy got home just in time.
This picture stopped me in my tracks.  I love moments like these.  They had all taken a shower and climbed up there all on their own to watch a show before bed.  Sweet boys of mine!

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