Friday, April 19, 2013

InstaFriday:April 19

Here are my phone pictures from the past couple of weeks.  It's a big phone dump.  I love having this little glimpses at our everyday life with four boys.  It's crazy and wild mixed with lots of sweet moments and tons of fun.
1. Last Saturday Daddy took the three big boys to breakfast and to Martinsville to get new tires for the Razor and helmets.  It was a perfect morning for boys and I got to sleep in.
2.  After dinner Saturday night Park wanted to give Daddy a check up.  He brought his power tools, oh no!
3.  Then everyone got in on the action.
4. We had family movie night and watched Swiss Family Robinson, Sawyer loved it.
5. Reading is hard work.
6. Snuggling.
7. Before church.
8. Sunday naps are awesome!
9. My after dinner walk buddy.
Four Hurst boys at 8 months.  They all looks so much alike.
1. Baby Baylor
2. Baby Cooper
3. Baby Parker
4. Baby Sawyer
1. Tuesday morning he had to go to the dentist to check his tooth.  Then we went to Mops and had a lunch date afterwards.  He picked Chinese, yeah for me.
2. Then we did some shopping at Sam's.  Sunflower seeds for baseball season, check!
3.  His look to play outside.
4. Brothers are fun.
1. Playing in the yard.
2.  Baylor came home from school last weekend begging to go to Home Depot to buy flowers.  On Sunday after church he brought his own money and picked out flowers.  He planted them all on his own.  We tried to tell him it was too early for the flowers but he couldn't wait.  He was so proud!
3.  They didn't want to get ready for preschool.
4.  My rainbow making partner.
5.  I was changing sheets and these three made themselves comfy on the comforter.
6. His driving skills are so much better.
7.  He cracks me up, safety first!
8. Cousins are fun.
9. He loves being outside.
1. Baylor loves playing basketball.
2. Parker loves swinging.
3. After school snack and homework.
4. Daddy let Bax on the bed for the first time ever, he was in heaven!
5. I love Ed Emberley drawing books.  Baylor loves drawing.
6. Love his cheeks.
7. Parker declared it fix it day!
8.  On the drive home we stopped at a Marriott to swim and eat lunch.  The spa was full of bubbles.
9. Pals.
1. Great big brother.
2. Scooter time.
3. We are so happy to be outside.
4. Bikes are fun.
5. Morning cuddles.
6. Bax loves Sawyer.
7.  Bax can finally leave toys alone.  Parker was playing Legos while Bax chewed on his own toy.
8.  I was crying before Mama's surgery and Baylor was worried.  He went out and picked these flowers for me and then went and folded the laundry all on his own.  Love his heart!
9. Love him so!

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