Saturday, April 27, 2013

Giants: Gameball Winner

Baylor had a game Saturday right after Cooper which was nice!
By the second game this brother was done, but he made it!
Baylor had a great game!
He loves playing baseball.
He had some great hits and hit his first home run!  He was so excited.
Daddy is the third base coach, he's watching his dad.
Sliding into base, he's safe!
On third.
Go #10!
Baylor pitched during this game too.  It's not his favorite but he did good.

Go Giants.
Up to bat.
He watches the game closely.  He hates to be behind and wants to win.
This was a tough game and we ended up winning in the last inning by 2.
He was a mess by the time the game was over.
Baylor was the game ball winner!  Way to go Buddy.
He also got a home run hot dog ticket for his home run.  Such an exciting game!

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The Gambrel Family said...

I love the one of him pitching!! Go Baylor, great job!!