Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sawyer Overload

This post is full of Sawyer pictures.  He's such a fun little guy with the best personality!  He's always so happy.
Working on his wave.
Love to hear him babble.
 First time in the swing.
Love those rolls!
 So happy to see Pop.
Watching his brothers play outside.
 Sleepy boy.
He likes to hold my hand or be touching me when he sleeps.  Yes, he's just like his big brothers.
 Little chick!
 Great lips.
 On the drive home we stopped to swim at a Marriott and we didn't have a high chair.  Daddy made a make shift one with a towel.
 He makes the best faces.
 When you are the little brother...
He can fall asleep anywhere!
 Love his hats.
 Messy boy.
Doing great sitting up. 
 Happy to be outside.
 Sleepy baby sucking his thumb.
Does this shirt make my belly look big?
One more video.
Love him so!

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Diane Freestone said...

Wonderful photographs! Thank you for sharing!