Monday, April 15, 2013

Cooper's Play Date with Ryker

Coop has been begging to have Ryker over to play after school.
Today was the day.  After preschool we came home and played outside.  They were so cute!
Parker went to Mimi's house and the boys had the best time together.
Digging for worms.
Sawyer loved watching them.
Can't wait to get our yard back under control after all the construction, but the boys like having all the dirt/mud to play in!
I love all the signs of spring around.
Boys will be boys.
They had the best time.
They were fighting the big tree too.
Then we came in for lunch.
A little Ipad watching while eating.

A little archery.
Then more outside time before Ryker's mommy picked him up.  Coop had a great day!  He loved having his friend over.

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