Saturday, April 20, 2013

Opening Day Rookie 8

Saturday was opening day for baseball!  Baylor was excited!
He loves playing catcher.

This year he is on the Giants.
Saturday was a cold day but at least the sun was out and shining.  We've had lots of rain so Cooper's game was canceled because the Instructional fields were a mess, he was not a happy camper.
Daddy is helping with Baylor's team again this year.
Baylor had a great game and had some good hits.

He's been wearing his contacts for games and they help him.
They are super pals.  Baylor loves his Daddy so much and looks up to him.
At bat.
Go Baylor!
On base.
Go Buddy!
It's fun to watch the games as the boys are getting better and better.

And he scores.
Cheers from Dad as he game back to dug out after crossing home plate.
It was that cold!
Thankfully Miss Sarah watched the other brothers because it was so chilly!
Pop was our photographer and my cold weather partner.  Poor Mimi twisted her knee so she was recuperating at home.
Excited to start another season watching our big slugger.  There is lots of baseball for us this season!

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