Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kindergarten Roundup

 Tonight was Kindergarten Roundup for my favorite 5 year old!  I can't believe it's time for him to go to Kindergarten.  I am so sad he's going to be at school all day next year because I love my days with him.  He is such a sweet, fun, energetic boy!
 Daddy was able to come home early and go with us.  He was excited to have time alone with Mommy and Daddy.
 Love him so!
 Cooper got to tour all three rooms and look around.  He loved the loft.
 When we pulled in the parking lot he said, "I'm a little nervous about this".   He's ready to be done with preschool though, he says he knows it all:).  We can't wait to watch our Cooper learn and grow in school, I know he's going to do great!

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Diane Freestone said...

Alright Cooper!! Kindergarten Round Up!! I know you did a great job!!