Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy 8 Months Sawyer!

 Sawyer you are 8 months old today!
 I can hardly believe in just four short months you will be 1!!!
You are such a sweet happy baby!
 We are so blessed by you.
 You have had a busy month traveling, you were an awesome little traveler.
 You just love to be with the family.
 Your teeth came in and you have 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.  All 4 top teeth came in at once and it was a rough couple of weeks!
 You make some great faces.
 I think you are pretty great.
 Your big brothers are crazy about you too!
 You are good at waving and think you are big stuff.
 You sit up by your self and can roll both ways.  You push up on your tummy but you get mad and roll right back over.  
 You love to jump in your jumparoo and exersaucer.  This month you outgrew your beloved bouncy seats.  It was a sad day for mom.
 You still wake up at night.  Let's just not talk about night:).  You prefer to be held, I mean I really can't blame you and you're just like all three of your big brothers.
 You like to play with your toys.  You love music and like when I sing to you.  You love Jesus Love Me, You Are My Sunshine, and Bye Oh Baby.
 Your giggle is so cute too!
 We've been working on Peek A Boo too and How Big is Sawyer.
 Sometimes I can't believe we have 4 kids but most days I can't imagine our lives without you!  It seems like you've just always been here.
 You are a big boy!  You are mainly wearing 12 and 18 months.  You are wearing size 4 diapers but I think we need to move up.
 You still nurse several times a day and eat cereal and a fruit or yogurt for breakfast, a fruit and vegetable for lunch and a fruit and vegetable for dinner.  You love puffs and Cheerios too.  
 We've been working on a sippy cup with water and you think it's pretty fun.
 You love being outside in the fresh air.  You like going on walks and watching your big brothers play.  I know you want to be right in the middle of the action.
 You are always trying to grab my phone, earrings, or hair.  You are strong and pull hard!
 I love all your little rolls.
 You have the best excited face.  You always make it when Bax is near.
 You have some great rolls.
I think you have officially outgrown the baby scale!  You are too big.  This says 26 pounds but you were bouncing so I'm not sure how accurate it is.  We go back to Dr. Greenfield next month so we will see.
Happy 8 Months Sawyer!
I love you so much!!!

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Diane Freestone said...

Wow oh wow how Sawyer has changed since October!! He does make som great faces! I can see features from his brothers in him! Can't wait until you get down here!