Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dentist and Lunch with Daddy

After school Coop and I headed to the dentist.  Coop had a tooth that started bothering him while we wee on vacation and they needed to look at him.  Poor guy has so many troubles with his teeth.  His acid reflux issues when he was a baby have wrecked havoc on his teeth.  It breaks my heart.
After the dentist we picked up Subway and headed to Daddy's office to eat with him.  All of the boys love to eat in Daddy's office.  They think it's a real treat.  We hadn't been there in a long time.
He loved watching himself on the video conference T.V.

Being silly.
The giant white board wall is always a hit too!
We have ants at our house too which drives me crazy!  The exterminator came and these two little boys were in awe.  They had the best time and the man was so nice to them.  He was showing them pictures and videos of different bus on his phone.  I think he enjoyed them too!

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