Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooper's First Game

Last Saturday was opening day for baseball but all of the instructional games were postponed due to wet flooded fields and cold temperatures.
Cooper was so disappointed and couldn't wait for his first game.
This morning he woke up and came down and wanted to put on his uniform on right away.
Then it started to rain in the afternoon and he was so worried the game was going to be canceled.  He was also upset because Daddy was on a work trip and was going to miss his game, but Daddy surprised us and made it home in time.
His smile was a mile wide when he saw his Daddy walk in the door.
Game time was wet and it was was raining but the rain eventually stopped.
It didn't matter to our little ball player, he was thrilled to be out there playing.
He had great hits!
Way to go Cooper!
He's serious.
He's usually chanting Hey Batter Batter!

Playing pitcher's helper.
Great Game Cooper!