Friday, September 25, 2009

3 Months Away

My little helpers.
He did a good job of sorting all the goodies.
All ready for movie night.
Cooper kept feeding Pooh bites of popcorn.

The boys and I have had a busy night at home. Since Daddy is traveling back tonight we were by ourselves on another Friday night. We ate dinner and did the laundry before we started the exciting parts of the night. The big birthday party for the boys is only a week away so the boys helped me get the treat bags ready. Baylor was a big help and did a great job. Cooper loved being a part of the action, but I can't really say he was much of a help. After shower time we had another movie night with popcorn. Since Christmas is only 3 months away from today, can you believe it, the boys picked Santa Claus is Coming to Town. They enjoyed the movie and were singing all about HO HO!

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