Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barn and Basket Fun

Can you tell they like the barn?
He likes to rock or squeeze the baby pigs.
Farmer Baylor
Baylor and his baskets.
Basket preview. The parlor is packed to the brim with baskets.

Baylor has been dying for Pop to get the big barn out of the garage. Pop told him after the garage sale and he organized his fishing supplies he would get it out and get it cleaned up to take inside. Pop got it all ready and Baylor was so excited. The big barn was Joe's when he was a little boy and Pop made it for him. Joe kept all of his animals and tractors and they look like brand new. The boys have loved playing with the barn and think it is the best thing. How fun to be able to pass the barn time fun on.

Over the past few Tuesday evenings, Mimi and a group of ladies have been working on putting baskets together for the Harvest Dinner for the Hancock County Food Pantry. The baskets are awesome and there are some great things for the auction. We went over for dinner and were going to stay out of the way, but Baylor had something else in mind. Mimi let him work on some of his "own" baskets. He worked so hard and was so proud. He even shrink wrapped them and added a bow. He thought it was a perfect night!

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