Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Christmas Carol Train Tour

Baylor thought the tractor ride was great.
The Christmas train.
The displays did shoot out snow which Baylor loved.
Mimi and Baylor looking good in their glasses.
Cooper was not a fan of the movie, he was scared!

After preschool we headed to Bargersville for a train tour promoting the new Disney movie A Christmas Carol. We had heard about this on an email and thought it looked like fun. There is a train painted like the movie that you can tour and learn about the movie. You can also watch a clip of the movie. When we arrived at the parking area you then had to wait in a line to ride the shuttle to the site of the train. The shuttle was a tractor with a two sided trailer like the fair train. The tractor went very fast on the main roads and was dangerous when you were trying to hold on to little ones. When we got off the tractor they told us the line for the train was FOUR hours. Needless to say lots of people had heard about the train and we did not wait in the long line. We did watch the trailer of the movie which was in 3-D and Baylor thought was great. Cooper was terrified and was happy when it was over. The train was painted really neat and they liked seeing the outside but definitely not worth the wait. We survived the tractor ride back to the car. When we got to the car we said it was quite an adventure.

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