Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Make You Laugh

Tonight at dinner we had a funny conversation with Baylor who was dressed as Stitch which could be funny by itself.
Baylor: Daddy can I have another piece of chicken.
Daddy: It is pork.
Baylor: What is pork?
Daddy: Oink, Oink!
Mommy: Don't say that we love the piggies.
Daddy: Baylor you know we eat chicken right.
Baylor: Yes.
Daddy: Do you know what hamburger is made out of?
Baylor: No what?
Daddy: Hamburger comes from cows.
Baylor: That's a funny one. That is the funniest joke I have heard. Who would ever eat a cow and call it a hamburger. That is funny!
Tom and I were laughing so hard. Obviously we didn't have to go into any further detail about pork because he had moved on to the cow.


Austin, Jamie, Madelyn, and Andrew said...

You were right......definitely made me laugh seeing the first picture. Made me think....Baylor is going to hate that picture when he gets older!:) And loved your story. Hysterical!

d_freestone said...

Funnnnnny!!! Loved the pictures of boys in their costumes. I am so very glad that you share your journal with all of us. It makes me feel like I am just down the block instead of a couple of hundred miles away! Thank you Jessie!