Friday, September 18, 2009

Horsing Around

Having fun in the barn.
Cooper loved running up and down the hill.
Ready to give the water to the horses.
Hard workers.
They loved the horses.
Petting Rose.

After preschool we headed to Conner Prairie for a class on horses. It was a beautiful fall day and the perfect weather to be out on the prairie. The boys were able to pet and brush the two horses, Rose and Belle. They also got water from the well and carried buckets to fill the horses water inside the fence. They were so excited to get the water and looked so cute carrying the little pails. They also got to go in the barn and grind corn meal. Cooper kept saying "me do it". He is not afraid and wants to be big so bad. After our outside time we went to the classroom to make a horse puppet that turned out to be so cute. We had a great day!

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