Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Day

Hiding under the table.
Asleep but not for long.
Ready for the oven.
What a good little helper.
Baylor is a good helper in the kitchen.

We had a busy day today. After dropping Baylor off at preschool Cooper and I hurried to the grocery before the woodworker came to fix a spot on the baby's new furniture. When we picked up Baylor we came home and made some delicious "homemade" cookies. The boys love putting them on the cookies sheets and helping out in the kitchen. We ate lunch and played outside before the best part of the day. We all went to the doctor to get our flu shots. I didn't go into detail with Baylor before going there because he already said he wasn't going if he had to get a shot. As soon as we got in the room the nurse said she would get the three shots ready and be right back in the room. Baylor was so upset right away and hid under the desk in the room. It took three nurses to give him the shot. Cooper on the other hand was asleep during the whole ordeal but quickly awoke after his shot. The only saving grace was the Bob the Builder stickers and a trip to Dairy Queen on the way home. We played outside when we got home before nap and the tears quickly faded away. I am glad this is over and we got our shots. Hopefully we will stay healthy this winter at the Hurst home!

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