Monday, September 7, 2009

Shower Fun

Nice and clean.

Working together.
Books in bed after bath makes for a good night.

Lately the boys have been wanting to take a shower all the time. I think some days they end up taking two or three. The bathtub may be getting lonely because it has been a long time since they took a bath. They like cooking and baking cakes in the shower. It is so funny to sit and listen to them. They use a huge stack of washcloths and fold them into piles and then add some soap to make a big cake with icing. Baylor calls Cooper his assistant and tells him what to do. At times Cooper dumps the ingredients too soon, the water bucket, and Baylor gets mad. I told him that is part of working with an assistant, being able to roll with the punches. The shower is easier for me because I do not have to sit on the bathroom floor and they play for a long time.

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