Sunday, September 13, 2009

Farm Festival

He loved sitting on the tractors.
The John Deere tractors were the favorite.
What a cute baby.
Getting on their boots.
Thanks for the ride Maddy!
When Tom tried to hold on to him he said, "me do it". Can you tell who is Mr. Independent lately?
He loved the pony rides.
The fair queen took Baylor around on his ride.
Waiting for his turn.
"Me pet horsie"
They had lots of pretty horses.

Today after church we went to the Hancock County Farm Festival. This is a free event that allows you to take a driving tour of several farms in the county. There were two cattle farms, one beef and one dairy, a horse racing farm, and a farm that specializes in corn. What a fun day and great experience for the kids. The horse farm was beautiful and the barns were awesome. The boys were able to go on pony rides and on a cart ride pulled by Maddy the pony. We were able to see lots of baby horses and see lots of race horses in the barns. They were putting horseshoes on horses which Baylor thought was very interesting. They love horses. The dairy farm was packed but had lots to do for the kids. Before entering you had to put on plastic boots to protect to cows. The boys looked so funny in the big plastic bags. We were able to see milking demonstrations and lots of baby cows. They loved all the tractors they could sit on and pretend to drive. We had a great time and enjoyed spending the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather.

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