Friday, September 4, 2009

Up Up and Away

Baylor was happy Mimi went up too.
Cooper kept saying, "Me Go Balont".
He loves the color blue.
What a cute chick.
He was trying to feed Ruby the cow some hay.
He ran down the big hill behind the Conner House. He was tired on the way up.

Can you find who is hiding in the window?

We went to Conner Prairie today with Mimi. It was such a beautiful day and the museum was not crowded at all. Since we did not have a class today we had more time to spend in the barn and some of the areas we do not usually go. Baylor enjoyed the loom house and the lady showed him how to dye the wool. We were the only ones in there and we stayed for a long time. Baylor listened and asked great questions. The boys love the barn and so many animals were out today. They amaze me with how brave they are around the farm animals. We also went up in the hot air balloon today for the first time. It has been too windy the past couple of times but the weather was perfect for flying today. Baylor and Cooper were so excited, but Mimi was a little nervous. The view from the top, over 300 feet, was gorgeous. We finished the day with a stop at the apple store that just opened this week. I was excited because they have the best caramel apples around. The caramel is delicious!

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